Search Services

PSIM offer the following types of searches

Novelty/Patentability Searches: Involve searching both patent and non-patent literature. Claims, description, structures and drawings are reviewed.

Freedom to Operate and Infringement Searches: Involve analysis of the claims of in-force patents covering the jurisdictions of interest. Pending applications can also be reviewed to identify relevant filings to be monitored.

Validity and Invalidity Searches: Involve an extensive search of patents, publications and/or any other available materials that may be relevant. Use of non-traditional sources, such as web compound collections, citation searches, and pipeline databases can be added.

Competitive Intelligence searches: These include searches to identify technology areas that are the focus of you or your competitors, and searches focusing on a particular competitor and part or all of their IP or research.

State of the Art Searches: Searches providing a perspective of a scientific or technical area to give an insight into the current art and technological trends, and perhaps help solve a particular technology question.

Quality Sources

To minimise client risk and ensure the highest standard of retrieval, proprietary online databases such as STN which includes CAS Registry, Marpat, Derwent World Patents Index, patents full-text, citation, bibliographic patent and literature databases, and sequence files such as Genseq are searched as appropriate to the client’s query. Additional searching via pipeline, sequence, chemical structure and patent and non-patent literature files can be added to enhance coverage.